The Pulham Herd of Herefords is run by Philip & Laura Vincent in the heart of South Norfolk. The herd runs alongside the Vincent family’s free range egg business. Philip and Laura strive to breed correct, easy fleshing cattle, full of breed character. They run both de-horned and polled Herefords under the Pulham prefix. Pulham Herefords were the winners of the 2018 Midlands and East Anglia Hereford Breeders Association herd competition. If you are interested in Hereford cattle please contact us to arrange a visit, we are always pleased to show people round and talk Herefords. If you are looking to try some of our tasty beef please contact us to join our mailing list. We look forward to hearing from you.
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Pulham Herefords

Take a look at Pulham Ranger, sold to Trillick and Kye Herefords, Ireland

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  • "We have been buying packs of Pulham Hereford beef for several years now and despite the fact that we are not particularly local we will keep coming back for more when available. The beef is consistently of the highest quality and butchered to an excellent standard. It is tender and supremely tasty, as you would expect of a such a historic English breed. The steaks, roasting joints and stewing beef are all delicious and we find the mince makes tremendous burgers for the BBQ season. It's nice to be able to see the herd and where the meat has come from too."
  • "We have been regular customers and consumers of Pulham Hereford Beef for the past 5 years. It is important for my daughter that the beef should come from "Happy Cows", and seeing the cattle in the fields happily munching assures her that Pulham cows are happy cows. For me the flavour and quality of the beef is just as important, and Pulham Beef hits the mark on all counts."
  • "Tender beef full of flavour. Beef from Pulham Herefords is an absolute favourite in our family, whether its mince for meatballs, burgers or lasagne, steak for a treat or a succulent Sunday roast"
  • "The grass-fed Herefords provide me and my family with some of the best beef we've ever enjoyed!"
  • "We have been having Vincent's beef for a number of years and are always pleased with the taste and quality. It is reassuring in this day and age to know where the meat we eat comes from and that the animals have been well cared for"